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Hydrotherm Dynamic X8

Introducing the 5th generation , DYNAMIC/X8 , by Hydrotherm. With over a decade worth of innovation & upgrades, it’s their smartest , most efficient, heat pump ever.

The DYNAMIC/X8 propane heat pump has been independently rated, to deliver an annualised 380% heating efficiency, that’s up to four times the efficiency of standard electric or gas water heaters. This high efficiency reduces energy consumption and annual operating costs. Saving owners hundreds of dollars per year and thousands over the system lifespan.

Aquatech Rapid X6

Big things come in small packages!

The RAPID/X6 compact design, eliminates the bulk and height issues, of traditional integrated heat pumps. So, upgrading to a high efficiency, hot water system has never been easier.

The RAPID/X6 full metal exterior, eliminates any cheap plastics that degrade over time. The inner tank is 2.5mm thick & Class X enamel coated, double the industry standard. For a heat pump that not only looks good, but is built to last.

Sanden Eco Plus

The original Heat Pump hot water system.

Premium quality, highly energy-efficient, Japanese-made Heat Pumps and Australian-made, 316 marine grade stainless steel tanks.

Comes with either 160L, 250L, 300L (slim) or 315L storage cylinder & separate C02 heat pump.


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