5 Most Common Plumbing Problems At Your Home

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The feeling when you go to take a hot shower only to witness a dripping faucet is truly exasperating. After a cold cup of tea, this is the second worst thing that can happen to any person. Believe me, this is only one of the many problems that a homeowner can experience.

There are numerous challenges that homeowners face, with plumbing issues often being the most significant. If not addressed promptly, plumbing problems can lead to a host of other complications, such as water seepage that can damage your expensive furniture. Moreover, water blockages are not only unsightly but can also become a breeding ground for bacteria and germs.

So here are few of the most common plumbing problems that many of you must be acquainted.

1. Drain Blockage:

Clogged drains can be a nightmare for people who rarely use the kitchen and of course for the frequent ones. If at all, you are lucky to save your kitchen from becoming a mess, bathrooms are always there to waste your time and energy on trying to send the water to the drain. The reasons for this problem are ample. When a lot of soap scum, hair locks and miscellaneous other things get accumulated, they are bound to clog the drain.

The result of blocked drains is that either the water gets drained out at a snail’s pace or it gets settled at one place. The latter is more annoying than the former. Sounds familiar yet don’t know what can be done to get it fixed?? Hear it out.

In case you are doing the job to clean the clogged drain, you need to first take care of the hygiene part. Wear glove, use a long and pointy stick that can go deep in the drain and remove the garbage. Once the debris is plucked out, you can run the faucet to see if the water finally goes down the drain.

If not, unfortunately , you have something bigger and filthier, so its advisable to call a plumber and get the job done.

2. Running Toilet

Ask what is worst than no water in the bathroom?? The answer is running toilets. Not only is this problem grave from the point of view of wasting natural resources but is also super annoying since it can ruin your mood and make your bathroom look super messy. It’s good to identify the problem as they can be many.

A corroded toilet part, a faulty or a corroded flapper, even a simple leaky valve can be problematic. So if you know a thing about plumbing and have the kit handy, do it yourself, else call a professional, for you certainly don’t want to aggravate your woes .

3. Leaking Pipe

Another key factor responsible for plumbing problems is pipes that are forever leaking. The problem can be as major and as minor, for it depends on the signs and signals your pipes gave you. Fix the problem before it gets on to your nerves. Usually, the pipe leaks if it has a crack in it.

The basic solution that can hold on to it for a while is fixing the cracked pipe with a tape or some other compounds and apply paint. Pipes generally leak around the joints, one needs to either replace the part or get other necessary changes done. Pipes can also burst due to freezing or expanding.

4. Low Water Pressure

Isn’t it troublesome to have experienced mere droplets of water dripping out of the faucet instead of a full flow? The problem is that of low water pressure. If you have leakages in your house, you may be a witness to this issue. Also, a deposit of minerals on aerators can make way for such problems.

A little vinegar soak can help you get rid of the problem. To clean the shower head, it can be dismantled and cleaned. The holes can be pricked with something pointy and be cleaned.

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5. Slow Draining Tub

This issue is mainly for those who have a bathtub at home. Just like the clogged drains, the bathtub drainage area can be blocked too, which can lead to slow water draining. Cleanliness is a major component to prevent it from getting g clogged.

A weekly routine of chucking out all the excessive debris from the drain can save the trouble. At times, the refuse surfaces on the tub stopper which can be removed on a daily basis, if the problem persists, the stopper is to be removed for a thorough clean up.

Any household can enumerate such plumbing woes on a regular basis. Some of them are uncommon than the others but they exist. With a little bit of knowledge and understanding of the issue, they can be fixed.

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