How To Fix Loss Water Pressure [Here’s the Answer]

Loss Water Pressure

It can be really frustrating and tedious to have water pressure problem at your house. Imagine you preparing yourself for a lovely hot shower bath on a taxing day but the faucet refuse to pour water.

While we may not blame the faucet alone, it’s imperative to take a sneak peek into what may erupt the problem.

If this problem is not enough , the other problems like low or negligible spray in the showerhead and even worse-the washing machine or the dishwater taking longer than usual to do the needful can be exasperating.

There can be more than one reason to have water pressure problems at home. The problem area needs a thorough check followed by its rectification. The issues need to be identified and then checked by expert plumber. Here’s a guide to how to fix the problems.

Low-Pressure Issues

Generally, poor water pressure is a result of blocked water pipes. Low water pressure in one faucet or one area of the house can be because of a clogged pipe or a half-closed valve or even low pressure from the municipal corporation.

With all these issues await you at large; you need to ensure that which problem needs fixing. Firstly, make certain that the main valve is completely open. Another reason for the low water pressure can be a worn-out mainline filter that can completely affect your house.

The most common problem if checked can definitely help you relieve your stress. Sometimes, due to corrosion in the valve can disturb the water pressure as well. It’s wise to call a plumber and get it rectified. If none of these issues bother you but still you face the problem of low water pressure then the final call would be to replace the ancient water pipes.

The steel or galvanized pipes corrode with time which disrupts the flow of water. The task involves time and labor, which can be done by trained plumbers.

Residue Deposits

Drizzle in the showerhead and or low pressure in the faucet when you wash your dishes can be a result of any mineral or debris residue in the main pipe or the pipe connected to your faucet. Buildups of the same or garbage can clog the pipe for worse.

The minerals present in the water can buildup in the water pipes and on the fixtures. The blockage can be really annoying as it affects the water flow and can hamper your day –to- day chores. An easy remedy to fix this is by taking white vinegar and keeping it in a small plastic bag.

Then, use a rubber band to fasten it around the faucet. This will help the faucet head to be soaked for some time and release the deposits of vinegar.

Pressure Booster

You might want to install a pressure booster if you still face the water pressure problem. The pressure booster increases the pressure of water coming from the street by means of an electric pump.

The dial on top of the pressure booster helps you adjust the setting of the pressure. Water pressure boosters are readily available in the market and can be a boon for nearly all your water pressure related problems.

Water Leakage

Water leakage is another common cause of low water pressure. Water leakage is a result of a hole or a crack in the pipe that can prove as a hindrance for water to reach the fixture.

Get the repair done by calling the plumber and get the hole fixed to improve the water supply pressure.

When Faucets are Open in other your Neighborhood

Sometimes the problem may be as simple as your neighbours doing the dishes or washing clothes by making full use of the high pressure. It might sound silly, but it’s true.

If you experience low water pressure at a certain time of the day, the possibility is that somebody in your neighbourhood is using water at the same time. In this case, you need a little bit of co-operation and tuning with your neighbours.

High-Pressure Problems

A pressure regulator is something that your house can be equipped with to control the force of water. You can easily regulate the thrust of eater depending on the high or low pressure. A fire sprinkler system is something that is again a cause of irregular water pressure at times for the houses, which are equipped with the same.

If you encounter the problem then its time to take a closer look at it and address the problem.  The pressure release valve needs to be checked. However, if you don’t have a built-in fire prevention sprinkler then there can be some other problem in a different setting.

Irrespective of the cause, high pressure of the water can make the pipes of your house worn out and also disrupt the plumbing system, which makes it very important to get them checked timely.

So the water pressure problem might be an everyday problem for almost everyone, it can surely be fixed by using any of the above remedies.

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